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Fandom- Names (Gillian-Lizbians or “just” fans?)

Some people prefer the name “gillians” and other people prefer “lizbians”. I seriously think i know why different names exist because bisexual people or just lesbians wanna call themself lizbians OR some people are just lesbian for liz. I guess “Gillians” is the name for the other part of the liz fandom who stay straight i guess?..I really have no Idea those are just the thought’s I had because i see lots of people on my timeline who prefer to call themself lizbian/gillian. But I think it’s all up to you how you wanna call yourself as long as you support & like her. Oh and I really forgot one thing! There are also the people who just dislike both of those names and prefer  themself as fan but also are as much addicted as the “gillians” and “lizbians”. For me it’s not Important how you call yourself because all of you really support her & like her. Might you don’t agree with everything and all this but at least you have the same Person as Inspiration,Idol, Role-Model :)

  • 29 January 2013
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